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Radiology Exams

The following information is a guide to help you understand the specificied radiologic study, and any preparation that you will need for the study requested.


Many radiologic exams require specific patient preparation prior to the exam in order to ensure that the study is performed in the safest and most accurate manner possible. If you are scheduled for one of the following studies, follow your doctor’s instructions. The following instructions are informational to help you understand the study and the general preparation required for the exam. Allow 1 hour for each exam unless otherwise specified. You should always let your doctor and the radiology technologist know if you are pregnant or whether there is a chance that you might be prior to any radiology exam. On the day of your exam, bring a written order from your doctor to the hospital for your examination. You should always follow up with your doctor within one week of your examination to discuss the results of your examination.

The following exams usually require NO patient preparation
(unless your doctor or the Radiology Department gives you other instructions):

  • Ultrasound as follows: kidneys, breast, thyroid, scrotum,extremity, aorta

  • General X-Rays: chest, spine, bone, sinus, skull

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